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RF Transceiver Module Breakout BCT-3601-X02

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This is the breakout board of RF transceiver module BCM-3601-X02. It has a spring antenna and breaks out the module pins for easy connection with external host MCU.

The BC3601 is a bidirectional FSK / GFSK high performance RF transceiver IC from Holtek that operates in the license-free 315MHz, 433MHz, 470MHz, 868MHz, and 915MHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands.

The BCM-3601-X02 is a BC3601 based FSK RF transceiver module operating at 433MHz. It communicates with the host MCU via SPI interface.

  1. The BCM-3601-X02 is retired. The new module is BM3601-04-1. Both BM3601-04-1 and BCM-3601-X02 have the same function.

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  1. Output power : 0 ~ +17dBm, programmable
  2. Receiver sensitivity : -121dBm at 2Kbps
  3. Data rate : 2Kbps – 250Kbps, programmable
  4. Low power consumption
    - Transmit (TX) mode current : 54mA@17dBm, 31mA@10dBm
    - Receive (RX) mode current : 13.5mA
    - Sleep mode current : 0.5uA
  5. Operating voltage : 2.0V – 3.6V
  6. Built-in 64-bye TX FIFO buffer and 64-byte RX FIFO buffer
  7. Built-in 8-bit Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
  8. AFC (Automatic Frequency Compensation) for frequency drift due to Crystal Aging
  9. Auto-Transmit-Receive (ATR)
  10. On-board RF transceiver module 433MHz BCM-3601-X02
  11. Spring antenna and SMA radio interface
  12. 9-pin pin hole leads to the RF transceiver module pin
  1. Dimension : 50 x 40 x 8 (mm)
  2. Net weight : 6.6g
  3. Packing List : RF Transceiver Module Breakout BCT-3601-X02 x 1
  1. IC : Holtek BC3601, Sub-1GHz FSK / GFSK RF Transceiver.
  2. Application Note : AN0480E, AN0481E BC3601 Development Board Application Note (with example codes)
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