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BA45F5240 DEV Board for Smoke Detector BMAN5240DSAB

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The BMAN5240DSAB is a development board for Holtek Smoke Detector MCU BA45F5240. This board functions as a stand-alone smoke detector. For users who intend to use BA45F5240 to develop products, this board is suitable for development and demonstration purposes.

Power supply: 3V-5V DC, two AA batteries are recommended. If the DEV board has not been calibrated, the red LED will be on after power-on. If it is calibrated, the LED will flash once at power-on and the buzzer will beep once.

Calibration: A smoke detector usually needs to be calibrated according to the operating environment. The way to enter the calibration mode is to short the BD connector pins on the board before power-on. After entering the calibration mode, the red LED light flashes once per second, last for 4 seconds. If the calibration is successful, the board enters the normal mode. If the calibration is unsuccessful, the red LED will be on. This product has been calibrated at the factory.

Normal mode: In this mode, the evaluation board work normally, and the red LED flashes once every 40 seconds. This product is normally in sleep, it wakes up every 8 seconds to operate (smoke detection)..

Low-voltage mode: When the power supply is lower than 2.7V, the alarm mode is entered and the red LED continues flashing.

Alarm mode: When the smoke is detected, the alarm mode is entered and the buzzer beeps 3 times then stops one second, and then cycles.

Test mode: Pressing the TEST button to simulate alarm mode once, the buzzer beeps 3 times.

Fault Detection: When the board self detects a fault, every 40 seconds, the red LED flashes once and the buzzer beeps twice.

Silent mode: When the board is in alarm mode, press the TEST button to enter the silent mode, the beep stops. The silent period lasts for 90 seconds. During the silent period, the buzzer will keep silent even in alarm mode (ie. smoke detected).


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  1. Detect smoke in the air and alert when a certain concentration is exceeded

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 100 x 70 x 21 (mm)
  2. Weight: 49.3g
  3. Packing List: BMAN5240DSAB x 1


  1. MCU: Holtek BA45F5240, Smoke Detector Flash MCU, including datasheet, package dimension, tool information, etc.
  2. Application Note: AN0540EN BA45F5xxx Smoke Detector Integrated Analog Front End Application Notes
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