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Weight Sensor Module 20kg BMH01220

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The BMH01220 is a weight measurement module. It includes 4 half-bridge strain gauge load sensors and a measurement module. The module uses Holtek MCU BH66F5232 which integrates a 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC. The module has built-in algorithms so that an external MCU can directly read the weight value through the I2C or UART interface.

The maximum measuring weight of the BMH01220 is 20kg. Calibration is required before use to ensure accurate measurements. The calibration process has two steps. The first is zero-point calibration, nothing is placed on the weighing plate. Then, the maximum value calibration, and accurate weight (eg, a standard weight) for that maximum value is placed on the weighing plate.

Product information

Dimension: PCB 16 x 16 x 2mm / load cell 26 x 26 x 10mm
Net weight: 21.6g

  1. For module details and technical support, please contact Best Health, email:
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  1. Operating voltage: 2.6V – 5.5V
  2. Operating current(3V): 1.5mA(typ.), 2.4mA(max)
  3. Standby current(3V): 1uA(typ.), 3uA(max.)
  4. Measurement range: 20kg
  5. Output sensitivity: 1.2±0.15mV
  6. Wide voltage input range
  7. Low standby power consumption
  8. Directly outputs weight value without requiring additional A/D conversion
  9. Standard I2C/UART interface
  10. Dynamic taring function achieved using I2C/UART commands
  1. GND: ground
  2. VDD: power supply
  3. SDA: I2C data line
  4. SCL: I2C clock line
  5. Rx: UART receiving line
  6. Tx: UART transmitting line
  7. GND: ground
  8. AN1: A/D Converter input channel
  9. AN0: A/D Converter input channel
  10. VOREG: LDO output pin

We use an external LCD display to show the calibration and measurement processes.
If you don't have an LCD display, you can use the serial monitor in Arduino software instead.

Please calibrate the load cell before starting measuring.
  1. The display shows "CAL0" after power-on. It is calibrating the zero weight in this step.
    Please do not place anything on the load cell in the meantime.
  2. It shows "PASS" if the zero weight calibration has completed.
  3. Place the 4kg of standard weights on the load cell when the display shows "CAL1".
    (The default calibration weight in the Arduino demo code is 4kg. Users can adjust it themselves.)
  4. The display shows "PASS" when the calibration has completed. Now the weighting can begin.
  1. MCU: Holtek BH66F5232, , 24-Bit Delta Sigma A/D Flash MCU Integrated Regulator, including datasheet, package dimension, etc.
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