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BH67F2132 Thermometer DEV Board BMHB9001

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The BMHB9001 is a development board for Holtek Ultra-Low Voltage R to F Flash MCU BH67F2132. It is designed and produced by Best Health Electronics Inc.

The BH67F2132 has a minimum operating voltage of 1.1V, which is suitable for various single-battery powered temperature measurement products, such as thermometers and indoor/outdoor temperature measurement applications.

The BH67F2132 has integrated two sets of independent measurement resistance/frequency (R/F) conversion circuits which do not require any voltage step-up components. The use of Flash type memory allows for increased flexibility during product development while its integrated true EEPROM memory can be used to store calibration data, thus greatly reducing production time and cost.

  1. For product details and technical support, please contact Best Health, email :

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  1. Dimension : 90 x 58 (mm)
  2. Packing List : BH67F2132 DEV Board BMHB9001 x 1
  1. MCU : Holtek BH67F2132, Ultra-Low Voltage R to F Flash MCU, including datasheet, package information, tool information, etc.
  2. Application Note : AN0536EN, BH67F2132 Thermometer (Automatic Calibration of Constant Temperature Water Tank), including hardware and software design documents.
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