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NFC module BMZ00050

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In addition to Bluetooth, is there a more convenient way to wirelessly read the measured value of the sensor? Can a smartphone’s NFC function be used to read and write NFC tags except for doing electronic payment?

The NFC module BMZ00050 is an NFC target device with UART/I2C/SPI interface so that an external controller (e.g. Arduino) can write data to the module. The data can then be read by a smartphone with NFC function. On the other hand, a smartphone can write data to NFC module, such as setting parameters to sensors, the controller can read the data and do the settings. You can also use the NFC APPs downloaded from Google Play store to operate this NFC module, such as NFC TagInfo, NFC TagWriter by NXP.

If a controller manages multiple sensors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, etc., it can send out the readings to the NFC module so that an NFC reader can utilize the measured values of the sensors.

Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not need to be paired, but the smartphone must be close to the NFC module to read and write. Another thing to note is the Apple iPhone does not open its NFC to read/write tags, so you can only use the NFC-enabled Android phone to read and write this module.

We provide sample programs for both the Arduino Uno and Holtek 8-bit MCU. We also provide an Android app example code (using Android Studio). A video is taken to demonstrate the scenario described above: an app to set the temperature range, a controller to read temperature sensor, display temperature on the LCD module, and send data the NFC module. Hope to be helpful.

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  1. Operate voltage: 3.3V – 5.5V
  2. Operating current: < 5.0mA (5V)
  3. Standby current: < 1uA (5V, deep sleep mode)
  4. Communication interface: UART(default), I2C, SPI
  5. Operating mode: register access mode, transparent transmission mode
  6. NFC standards: NFC Forum Type 2 and ISO14443 Type A
  7. RF data rate: 106 kbit/s
  8. NFC memory: EEPROM 256bytes, SRAM 64bytes
  9. Low voltage detect (LVD)

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 31 x 29 x 3.3 (mm)
  2. Weight: 4.2g
  3. Packing List:
  • NFC module x 1
  • 6-pin 180-degree header x 2


MCU: Holtek HT45F4050, A/D NFC Flash MCU
Application Note: AN0491E HT45F4050 NFC Function Application Note (with example codes)
Application Reference Design: NFC Timing Switch

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