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HT66F70A Starter Kit ESK-302

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The ESK-302 is a start kit designed for the HT66F70A.

ESK-302 mainly has two functions : OCDS function and ICP function. The OCDS (On-Chip-Debug-Support) function is useful for program development and debugging, it works with the HT-IDE3000 software. The ICP (In-Circuit-Programming) function is used to program to the HT66V70 MCU on the board. It works with the HOPE3000 for e-Link software.

  1. When using ESK-302 for OCDS debugging, only the e-Link Lite USB port is required for power supply. The HT66V70A can not be connected to an external power supply, otherwise there will be voltage conflicts.
  2. Only the e-Link Lite USB supplys power. There will be no voltage output for the HT66V70A. There will be voltage output only when the HT-IDE3000 is running at full speed.
  3. If the HT66V70A is connected to an external power supply, be sure to disconnect the e-Link Lite to prevent the voltage from being reversed to the e-Link Lite and causing interference to the HT66V70A.

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  • Details
  1. Embedded e-Link ( Lite Version)
  2. All HT66V70A I/O pins have extended interfaces
  3. OCDS function
  4. HT8 Flash MCU ICP function
  5. Provides two operating voltages : 3.3V, 5V
  6. Able to program SPI Flash IC 和 EEPROM IC (only support operating voltages 3.3V)
  1. Packing List : HT66F70A Starter Kit ESK-302 x 1
  1. Development Environment : HT-IDE3000, HOPE3000
  2. HT-IDE3000 User’s Guide
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