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LoRa™ Transceiver Module BCM-1278-C18

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LoRa™ is one of the main technologies for building a low-power WAN (LPWAN). It has the advantage of low power consumption, long distance, and the use of unlicensed ISM bands (Industrial Scientific Medical). LoRa™ technology is developed and licensed by Semtech, USA. With the patented LoRa™ modulation technique the receiving can be up to -148dBm. Therefore, a far distance can be achieved even when using low power transmission.

The BCM-1278-C18 is a LoRa™ module based on the Semtech SX1278 chip. It supports the frequency range of 405MHz – 525MHz. It integrates SX1278 transceiver IC and high frequency matching circuit. To use this module, you only need to connect an antenna and use digital controlling method.

This module is 16-pin stamp hole package type (2 x 8-pin, 2mm pitch). If you don’t have a PCB to connect this module, we recommend that you use the breakout board BCT-1278-C18 which has pulled out the pins and added an antenna for ease of use. In addition, two LoRa™ modules are required to communicate with each other.

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  1. SX1278 based LoRa™ transceiver module with SPI interface
  2. Operating Voltage: 1.8V – 3.7V DC
  3. Operating current:
    1. 2.6μA (typ.)@3.3V Sleep mode
    2. 1.6mA (typ.)@3.3V Standby mode
    3. 13.7mA (typ.)@3.3V RX LnaBoost On
    4. 87mA (typ.)@3.3V TX 17dBm, on PA_BOOST
    5. 120mA (typ.)@3.3V TX 20dBm, on PA_BOOST
  4. Modulation: LoRa™/FSK/OOK
  5. Frequency range: 405MHz – 525MHz
  6. Maximum operating input power: 10 dBm
  7. Receive sensitivity (LoRa™): -136dBm(typ.) @long-range mode, highest LNA gain, LnaBoost on, 125kHz bandwidth, SF=10
  8. Receive sensitivity (FSK): -122dBm(typ.) @ LnaBoost on, BER=0.1% & 1.2kb/s, FSK

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 16 x 16 x 2(mm)
  2. Weight: 1.2 g
  3. Packing List:
    LoRa™ Transceiver Module BCM-1278-C18 x 1
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