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HT66F0175 DEV Board DEV24SSOP175
The Holtek Easy DEV development board series makes it easy to start using the Holtek MCU. It is used with e-Link for code debugging and MCU programming.
HT66F002 DEV Board DEV16NSOP002 / DEV16NSOP025
Want to start developing products with Holtek MCU? Holtek sells hundreds of millions of MCUs every year and is widely used in various products, making it the best choice for your product.
Infrared Remote Controller Workshop
The infrared remote controller workshop is that users can quickly generate the application programs using the Holtek remote controller MCU in a configured development mode.
HT68FV02x Voice Peripheral MCU development board
The Voice MCU Workshop includes voice libraries. Users can load the voice WAV files and then generated a compression file after configuring the sentence arrangement.
MCU temperature calibration tool EMDE001A
When users program the MCU, the EMDE001A can help them calibrate the temperature sensor built in MCU at the same time. It is necessary to be used with e-Link or e-WriterPro.
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