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2020/3/13   433MHz Low-IF OOK Receiver Module   
The Super-heterodyne receiver has better stability and anti-interference ability than the super-regeneration circuit. We have newly launched two 433 MHz low-IF OOK receiver modules, the BM2302-34-1 and BM2302-64-1. Both have the same functions and electrical characteristics. They are only different in the PCB dimensoins. The BM2302-34-1 is compatible with products on the market, convenient for direct replacement. The BM2302-64-1 is relatively small, suitable for products that require smaller size.
2019/10/7   New Shipping Method: Postal Service   
Postal service is now added to our shipping method. Compared with express delivery, the postal service is less expensive but takes longer. The delivery quality of the two is the same stable and reliable (both methods are trackable). We now provide three shipping methods: express delivery, postal service, and use your own courier account to pay the shipping fee. Please note that postal service is limited to packages less than 2kg in weight.
2019/9/20   New Product Release: TDS modules and TDS Display Board   
Have you measured the water quality of your drinking water or aquarium? Just need a small water quality tester (TDS pen). TDS is the most commonly used method for measuring water quality. Holtek’s new TDS Workshop (TDS product development platform) allows you to generate MCU programs in a few steps. With the TDS modules, you can immediately start measuring without code modification. The platform can also display the real-time measurement results and export the data to an excel file. Depending on the MCU used, three TDS modules are provided: 66F0176, 66F0185, and 66F019 (need one of the three). Plus, the TDS Display Board (required) is needed for connecting to the development platform. Awesome? Go for downloading the TDS Workshop.
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