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2020/7/28   Temperature and Humidity Digital Sensor BM25S2021-1  
BM25S2021-1 is Holtek's latest temperature and humidity digital sensor, which has the characteristics of high precision, low power consumption and high consistency. The products are calibrated in factory to guarantee the measurement results are in high consistency. The product has 4 pins and supports both I2C interface and one-wire communication to read sensor data.
2020/7/15   BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Kit   
The BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Kit is useful tool for BLDC control board development. It supports Hall Sensors or Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC), suitable for electric scooters, kitchen ventilators, ceiling fans, dust-free room Fan Filter Units and various fans, etc. The kit consists of an evaluation board ( FOC-EVB) and a power board. Depending on the input power voltage, three power boards are provided: high voltage board ( HVPB-A), medium voltage board ( MVPB-A) and low voltage board ( LVPB-A). Holtek provides a powerful software development platform (BLDC Workshop). It has many functions such as real-time parameters adjustment and output waveform monitor, generating a project and source codes to allow secondary development, etc.
2020/5/12   2.4GHz RF Transceiver Module  
The 2.4G RF transceiver module, BM5602-60-1, is now available on our store. The module’s design is based on the Holtek BC5602, 2.4GHz GFSK transceiver IC. It also includes a matching circuit and a trace antenna. BM5602-60-1 features a 0.5μA deep sleep current consumption with data retention function. The interface is a 3-wire or 4-wire SPI. This module can be used to implement a stable 2.4GHz two-way transmission.
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