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Gas Detector Digital Sensor BM22S3021-1
What is special about the gas detection sensor BM22S3021-1? We think it is practical. It is already calibrated when it leaves the factory. The calibration is based on a fixed gas concentration, using the sensor's AD reading as the alarm point. Each sensor has different characteristics, so the AD value is also different. After calibration, each sensor alarms at the same point of gas concentration, rather than the same AD reading. You only need to monitor the alarm pin output. It is easy to use and suitable for mass production.
Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor BM92S2222-A
Fingerprint sensors have become popular in consumer products, and the technology has been evolving. The capacitive type is thinner than the optical type and has the advantage of smaller size. However, it used to be more expensive, but now it is becoming cheaper. As for the accuracy of identification, it is related to the algorithm and fingerprint sensing area, there is little difference between the two types. The BM92S2222-A capacitive fingerprint sensor supports 100 fingerprints. What we think the biggest difference with the optical type is that it does not light when capturing fingerprints.
Proximity Sensing Module BM32S2021-1
Proximity sensors can be used in many situations, what comes to your mind now? The BM32S2021-1 proximity sensing module is very easy to use. Fix it to the place you want to sense, pull out the output signal to another device, and then supply power, that’s all. And more amazing, the detection distance can be changed, no special tools are needed. It will learn by itself. You don't need to buy different proximity sensor modules to detect different distances.
Temperature and Humidity Digital Sensor BM25S2021-1
BM25S2021-1 is Holtek's latest temperature and humidity digital sensor, which has the characteristics of high precision, low power consumption and high consistency. The products are calibrated in factory to guarantee the measurement results are in high consistency. The product has 4 pins and supports both I2C interface and one-wire communication to read sensor data.
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