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Weight Sensor Module 20kg BMH01220

The module uses Holtek MCU BH66F5232 which integrates a 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC. It has built-in algorithms so that an external MCU can directly read the weight value through the I2C or UART interface.

Integrated Water Atomization Module (16W) and with Development Kit BM52O5221-1
The BM52O5221-1 has the advantages of high effect when atomizing, tiny size, and less heat generation. It also provides a water-shortage detection function to prevent the transducer from being damaged when working in the absence of water.
How to rewrite LED breathing light frequency in DEV Boards?
Using Holtek HT-IDE3000 software easy to rewrite.
What is the maximum water level that BMZ00040 can atomize?
Watch the video to see our practical operation.
BA45F5440 Development Board for Smoke Detector BMAN5440DSA/BMAN5450DSA
It is suitable for the application of smoke detectors. It includes temperature compensation function and has been calibrated at the factory. Users can develop and demonstrate products easily with it.
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