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Sub-1GHz Super-heterodyne OOK RF Receiver Module BCM-68F2332-X01

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BCM-68F2332-X01 is a module for Holtek Sub-1GHz Super-heterodyne OOK RF Receiver Flash MCU BC68F2332. It is designed and produced by BESTCOMM Inc.

The BC68F2332 is a Flash Memory type 8-bit high performance RISC architecture microcontrollers. The RF reciever adopts a fully-integrated, low-IF OOK receiver with an automatic gain control (AGC) and a fully-integrated OOK demodulator.

The inclusion of flexible I/O programming features, Time-Base functions along with many other features ensure that the device will find excellent use in applications such as wireless doorbells, wireless switches, lamp remote controllers, smart home appliances.

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  • Details
  1. Dimension : 25 x 19 (mm)
  2. Net Weight : 2g
  3. Packing List : Sub-1GHz Super-heterodyne OOK RF Receiver Module BCM-68F2332-X01 x 1
  1. MCU : Holtek BC68F2332, Sub-1GHz Low-IF OOK RF Receiver Flash MCU, including datasheet, package information, tool information, etc.
  2. Demo code : BestcommRF BC68F2332 demo code
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