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Digital Micro Servo (1.3kg-cm) BM22O2321-A

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BM22O2321-A is a servo with UART interface which provides 1.3kg-cm torque. It includes a 3-Pin Power / 1-wire bidirectional UART interface. It is suitable for application in remote control cars, remote control planes, remote control models, remote control robots, etc.

Comparing with the PWM servo, the UART servo is able to control a wider angle and has higher accuracy. In addition, UART servo can be connected in series with each other, and users can control them by an external MCU. Please refer to DETAILS for more information.

Product information

Dimension: 22 x 11 x 24 mm
Net weight: 12g
Packing List: BM22O2321-A x 1 / Expansion board x 1 /
Screw x 2 / Circle horn x 2

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The servos have different sizes, and the rotation speed, angle, torque and accuracy of them are also different.

  1. Operating Voltage: 4.5V~7.2V
  2. Operating Current
    - 3.4mA @ 5.0V (Typ., no load)
    - 0.7A @ 5.0V (Typ., stall)
  3. Standby Current: 0.9mA~1.1mA @ 5.0V ( Typ.,sleep mode)
  4. Communication interface: 1-wire bidirectional UART interface
  5. Metal Gear
  6. Protection functions: stall and low-voltage
  7. Operation mode
    - Angle control mode: controlled range 0°~240°, rotation time is adjustable
    - Rotation mode: setting for forward and reverse, rotation speed / time is adjustable
Differences between PWM and UART servos

The PWM servo

Users can control the servo's angle through a fixed PWM cycle, but its performance of accuracy is not as good as UART servo. For robot control, one PWM output port only can be connected to one PWM servo.
To connect multiple servos, it necessary to use a control board to connect with servos, and the wires are in a mess.

The UART servo

The servo's angle can be controlled by UART command, and it has high performance of accuracy. Besides, it also provides speed control. It communicates with control board through 1-wire bidirectional UART interface, and users can connect multiple servos in series.
The firmware and parameters can be updated by UART and IAP.

Servo-Micro servo-UART

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