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Catalytic Combustible Gas Detector Digital Sensor BM22S3031-1

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The BM22S3031-1 is a catalytic combustible gas detector sensor, mainly used to detect methane. When the gas concentration exceeds the default calibration concentration, the voltage output of the alarm pin (pin 5) changes from low level to high level (default). It is easy to make a gas detector by supplying power to this sensor and monitoring the alarm output pin.

Each BM22S3031-1 has been calibrated at the factory to maintain consistent characteristics. The calibrated alarm threshold is 9% LEL (Lower Explosion Limit), which is about 4500ppm.

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Dimension: 25 x 16 x 22 mm
Net Weight: 5g

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  1. Sensor type: catalytic combustible type
  2. Operating Voltage: 2.5V
  3. Operating current: < 160mA
  4. UART interface, 9600 baud rate
  5. Gas concentration range: 500ppm – 10000ppm
  6. Alarm threshold (factory calibration): 4500ppm (9%LEL) (adjustable)
  7. Full range linear deviation: < 3% LEL
  8. Sensor service life: 5 years
  9. Default preheat time: 180 seconds (adjustable)
  10. Factory calibration, good consistency
  11. Fault detection function
  12. When the gas concentration is detected to exceed the alarm point for five seconds, the sensor alarms. adjustable
  13. Compare with BM22S3021-1

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