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Integrated Water Atomization Module (16W) BM52O5221-1

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The BM52O5221-1 is an integrated atomizer module. It integrates a piezoelectric transducer, control circuit board, and structural components.

The principle of an ultrasonic atomizer is to use the high-frequency mechanical oscillation of a piezoelectric transducer to convert the water particles into tiny droplets.

The product circuit is the external-driving type. Therefore, it has the advantages of high effect when atomizing, tiny size, and less heat generation. It’s suitable for applications of humidifiers, aroma diffusers, and other related products.

The BM52O5221-1 also provides a water-shortage detection function to prevent the transducer from being damaged when working in the absence of water.

Product information

Dimension: 55 x 55 x 38 mm
Net weight: 65.1g
Product includes
1. Water atomization module BM52O5221-1 x 1
2. Ring rubber gasket x 1

  1. Please reserve at least 5mm for the cable length when designing the structures.
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  1. Atomization Frequency: 1.7MHz
  2. Operating voltage: 24V±1V
  3. Atomizing Current: 0.67 ±0.07A@24V (16W)
  4. Atomization amount: > 220ml/h (for reference, affected by structures)
  5. Atomization efficiency: > 13.5ml/(w·h)
  6. The amount of mist is adjustable
  7. Recommended water level: 30 to 50mm
  8. Water-shortage detection function
  9. Capacitance water detection
  10. EN 55014 EMC testing passed

The BM52O5221-1 provides three types of operation mode: VR mode, PWM mode, and learning mode.

Users can use the module with a potentiometer control board in VR mode, and use a control board or an Arduino UNO to adjust the amount of mist in PWM mode.

VR mode: turn on/off the atomizer via a potentiometer.

Users can use a switch to interrupt the 24V power and turn off the atomizer. We recommend you use a potentiometer with an on/off switch to control the atomizer.

Getting started

  1. Connect the module to 24V power, a fan, and the potentiometer with an on/off switch.
  2. The module detects the water level after powering on. The red LED turns on in the meantime.
  3. If the water level is detected to be higher than the threshold, the red LED turns off. Users can start the atomization after the green LED turns on.

Simplified VR mode

If you just want to test the module to see the water atomization, refer to the below wire connection.

Pin 6 (VR) can connect to GND directly (minimum power) or go through a 10K ohm resistor (more power).

Note: add water above the atomization plate before supplying power.

PWM mode: use with Arduino UNO

Getting started

  1. Please refer to the wiring picture below. Connect the module to an Arduino UNO, a fan, and a 24V power supply. (not connect to the 24V power in this step)
  2. Connect the Arduino UNO to a computer, and program the demo code.
  3. Turn on the power. Press the button to atomize, and press again to stop it.

Learning mode: it can learn and memorize the status of no water.

Please note that the module needs to be completely dry in this mode. The product has been calibrated under this mode in the factory. Users do not need to calibrate it again. This mode is mainly for development uses.


Question 1
What will happen if I use the module without a ring rubber gasket?

If the module is not compact with the structure, the water might be leaking.
Please refer to the ring rubber gasket pictures as below.

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