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2.4GHz BLE Beacon Transmitter Module BM7161-00-1

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2.4GHz BLE Beacon Transmitter Module BM7161-00-1

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The BM7161-00-1 is the module of Holtek 2.4GHz BLE Beacon Transmitter IC BC7161. It communicates with external MCUs via the I2C interface. This product is designed and produced by Bestcomm RF Electronics Inc.

The BC7161 is a low-cost 2.4GHz BLE Beacon transmitter. With an external 32MHz crystal (XO), an MCU, and a few ceramic capacitors, it can implement a complete Beacon device. The output power level can be programmed from -10dBm to +5dBm for various applications.


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2.4GHz BLE Beacon Transmitter Module BM7161-00-1

BC7161 Features

  1. Supports GFSK (BT=0.5) modulation with 1Mbps data rate, compliant with BLE standard
  2. Operating frequency: 2402/2426/2480MHz
  3. Operating voltage range: 2.0V - 3.6V
  4. Programmable TX output power
    1. High power matching: -10/-5/-2/+5dBm (Max. +8dBm)
    2. Low power matching: -10/-5/0/+2dBm (Max. +5dBm)
  5. Low current consumption
    1. Low deep sleep current: 0.35µA
    2. TX current consumption: 19mA @ 5dBm TX power
    3. TX current consumption: 12mA @ -5dBm TX power
  6. Supports 32MHz crystal
  7. FCC/ETSI compliant

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 15.5 x 12.0(mm)
  2. Packing List: BM7161-00-1 x 1


  1. IC: Holtek BC7161, 2.4GHz BLE Beacon Transmitter, including datasheet, package dimensions, development tools information, etc.
  2. Module Information: BM7161-00-1, including datasheet, schematic & layout, demo code, etc.
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