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BH67F2261 Blood Pressure Meter Demo Kit BMHB3005-demo

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The BMHB3005-demo is a demo kit for Holtek R-Type Blood Pressure Meter Flash MCU BH67F2261. It is designed and produced by Best Health Electronics Inc.

The BH67F2261 retains the original high performance blood pressure measurement circuit functions of predecessor devices, which include multiple amplifiers with programmable gain and bias features, band-pass filter, 12-bit A/D converter, constant current generator, constant voltage driver etc.

This device provides a more simple and accurate specification to meet the highest cost performance requirements, making it extremely suitable for independent type blood pressure meter applications.

A full choice of external low, internal high and low oscillators is provided including two fully integrated system oscillators which require no external components for their implementation.

  1. For product details and technical support, please contact Best Health, email :

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  • Details
  1. Dimension : 115 x 135 x 83 (mm)
  2. Net Weight : 280g (without batteries)
  3. Packing List : BH67F2261 demo kit BMHB3005-demo X 1 (including the cuff)
  1. Measurement : upper arm type, oscillometric method
  2. Memory groups : 2 x 99 groups
  3. Pulse detection range : 40 beats / min ~ 199 beats / min
  4. Pressure detection range : 0 kPa ~ 37.5 kPa
  5. Cuff application range : 23 ~ 33 cm
  1. MCU : Holtek BH67F2261, R-Type Blood Pressure Meter Flash MCU with LCD, including datasheet, package information, tool information, etc.
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