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RGB LED Module BMZL0010

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The Holtek HT45F0062 is a multi-channel RGB LED dimming control MCU. It can drive 4-12 RGB LEDs and provide flexible adjustment of RGB LED brightness and color. Other features of this MCU include I2C interface, PWM function, constant current LED driver and cascading transceiver interface, etc.

This evaluation board (EVB) demonstrates the MCU functions and 6 lighting effects, but you may put this EVB directly to your project to add cool lighting effects.

Besides the MCU, this EVB comes with 18 RGB LEDs, lighting effect selection button, USB and cascade connectors. The power supply can be from USB or external (2-pin header). It builds-in 6 lighting effects in the sequence of monochrome, colorful streamer, colorful rotation, breathing, flashing and flowing. Press the button to switch the lighting effect.

This EVB has three working modes,

  1. Standalone mode: operate independently.
  2. Cascade mode: a chain of EVBs cascade (up to 8). The slave EVB follows the master EVB to change the lighting effect automatically.
  3. External controller mode: you can design your own lighting effect and use an external controller to send the display data to the EVB. We provide 6 example codes which create the same lighting effects as the MCU program codes.

The EVB consumes up to 300mA (1.5W with 5V) when all LEDs are in maximum brightness. We suggest providing power to each EVB individually when cascading many EVBs.

Be careful when inserting the USB cable. It is recommended not to plug and unplug the module’s USB connector frequently.

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  1. Operating voltage: 3.6V – 5.5V
  2. Power supply: USB or external
  3. 18 RGB LEDs
  4. Constant current driving
  5. Build-in 6 lighting effects

Product Information

  1. Dimension: diameter 60mm
  2. Weight: 16.3 g
  3. Packing List:
    1. HT45F0062 RGB LED Dimming MCU Evaluation Board x 1
    2. External controller cable x 1
    3. Header 2-pin x 1
    4. Cascade cable x 1
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