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Touch MCU Workshop Touch IC Calibration Tool BS-eBridge

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The Holtek Touch MCU Workshop is a capacitive touch key development platform. It uses an intuitive drag and drop methodology for touch switch project implementation. It fully integrates the touch software library, compiler function, key signal monitor and parameter adjustments functions. It can perform the MCU key setup, touch parameter setup, program generator and compiler functions.

The sensitivity and stability of a touch key are related to many parameters. Through this development platform, users can adjust these parameters one by one, such as key trigger threshold, automatic calibration period, frequency hopping setting, etc. The platform also allows users to observe the results immediately after adjustment, making the development of a touch key project intuitive and easy. Please refer to the user’s guide for detailed parameters.

The tools used with the Holtek Touch MCU Workshop are e-Link and
BS-eBridge. e-Link is used to program the software codes generated by the platform to the target board. The BS-eBridge is used to isolate signals and acts as a communication bridge between target board and PC software.

Your target board should have the ICP (In Circuit Programming) pins to connect to e-Link and the I2C interface to communicate with the
BS-eBridge. And be sure to use HOLTEK Touch MCU Workshop version 3.5 or a later version.


The Touch MCU Workshop is under revision. It is not available on Holtek website currently.

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  1. USB powered
  2. I2 interface in the form of 10-pin connector

Product Information

Dimension: 88 x 44 x 13 (mm)
Weight: 79.2 g
Packing List:

  1. BS-eBridge x 1
  2. 10-pin connecting wire x 1
  3. Mini USB Cable x 1

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