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Qi Wireless Charging Transmitter Module 5W CYD-T051

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Wireless charging technology has been widely used in a variety of products, such as mobile phones, furniture, automobiles, etc. Qi is an open, universal charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Compliance with standards allows for better interoperability and security for wireless charging products. This product is a Qi-compliant 5 watt (5 volt / 1 amp) wireless charging transmitter module. It can directly charge mobile phones with wireless charging function, and can also charge the receivers that compatible with the Qi standard, but will not charge for receivers that are incompatible with the Qi standard.

In addition to power and compatibility, when choosing a wireless charging module, you also need to consider the safety, charging distance, and power saving performance. This module has protection functions such as metal foreign object detection(FOD), over voltage protection(OVP), over temperature protection(OTP), and over current protection(OCP). When any of the above abnormal conditions are detected, the module will stop supplying power and ensure safety. The maximum charging distance is 6 mm, so the smartphone in a phone case can still be charged. The module has excellent power saving capability by providing 78% maximum power transfer efficiency and t 50 - 200mW standby power consumption.

Simply connect a 5-volt power supply to the micro USB connector, then, place a Qi-compliant receiver (such as a smartphone) over the coil to begin charging.

Have you noticed that the module’s PC board is very concise? This module uses Holtek’s highly integrated microcontroller HT66FW2350, which reduces external components and reduces total costs, improving competitiveness of end products. If you have a large quantity of procurement or technical service needs, please contact us.

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  1. Use inductive charging technology
  2. Compatible with Qi standard WPC1.2.4
  3. Safety protection: FOD, OVP, OCP, OTP
  4. Maximum input power 5V / 1.8A (9W)
  5. Maximum transmission power 5V / 1.1A (5.5W)
  6. Operating frequency 110 – 205KHz
  7. Maximum charging distance: 6mm
  8. Charging coil: Qi-compliant A11-type single coil

Product Information

  1. PCB Dimension: 52 x 36 x 6(mm)
  2. Charging Plate Dimension: diameter 50mm
  3. Weight: 21.2g
  4. Packing List:
    Qi wireless charging transmitter 5W x 1


MCU: Holtek HT66FW2350, Wireless Charger TX Flash MCU
Application Reference Design: Wireless Chargers (including schematics, source code, PCB layout)

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