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HT66F002 DEV Board DEV16NSOP002

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Want to start developing products with Holtek MCU? Holtek sells hundreds of millions of MCUs every year and is widely used in various products, making it the best choice for your product.

The Holtek Easy DEV development board series makes it easy to start using the Holtek MCU. It is used with e-Link for code debugging and MCU programming. The following is a brief description of how to use.

MCU: The MCU on this DVE board is the HT66V002, which has the same function as the HT66F002, and has the extra OCDS (on-chip-debug-support) function that can work with e-Link for program debugging.

Power supply: 5V voltage can be supplied from the USB interface; through a voltage regulator 3.3V is generated. You may select 5V or 3.3V as the DEV board power supply with the yellow jumper cap. You may use e-Link as an alternative power source, which allows you to set any voltage value in the Holtek HT-IDE3000 software. The power indicator LED will light up when power is applied.

Development environment: Use the HT-IDE3000 for program development and debugging. Before using the software, place the two black jumper caps to the OCDSDA and OCDSCK positions, and connect the DEV board to e-Link.

Demo code: The DEV board has pre-programmed the demo code at factory. The code uses an I/O pin to demonstrate the LED breathing light function. If you want to use this I/O pin, remove the blue jumper cap.

MCU programming: Place the two black jumper caps to the ICPDA and ICPCK positions, and connect the DEV board to e-Link. Use the HOPE3000 for e-Link software for programming. The other way is using the e-WriterPro. At this point, the DEV board must be placed on the adapter ESKT40DIPC for programming.

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  1. Power supply: 5V, 3.3V, or external
  2. Use with e-Link debug adaptor and HT-IDE3000 software for code debugging
  3. Direct connection to e-Link without wiring
  4. Use e-Link or e-WriterPro for MCU programming
  5. Preloaded LED breathing light demo code, easy to check board status

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 40 x 20 x 11 (mm)
  2. Weight: 5.1g
  3. Packing List:
  • HT66F002 DEV board x 1
  • 5-pin 90-degree header (pitch 2.54mm) x 1
  • 5-pin 180-degree header (pitch 2.54mm) x 2

MCU information

Holtek HT66F002
Link to Holtek product page.

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