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e-FPCB flex cable converter

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The e-FPCB is a flexible PCB that is connected to the e-Link at one end and to your target board at the other end. It is used to solve the problem of debugging the Holtek small package flash MCU.

When you use e-Link to debug, you need to use the OCDS EV together, but some OCDS EVs have different pin counts with the MCU. For example, the HT66F002 MCU is available in 8-pin and 10-pin packages, but its OCDS EV HT66V002 is 16-pin package. Your target board is usually reserved an 8 or 10-pin layout for the HT66F002, but the HT66V002 you need to use for debugging is 16-pin.

The e-FPCB has a location for the OCDS EV on it and converts the OCDS EV signals to 8 or 10-pin (depending on the part number) header to be soldered to your target board. Solder the OCDS EV to the e-FPCB and then solder the header to your target board, then you can connect the e-Link for debugging.

Each set of e-FPCB has 10 flex cables. The e-FPCB has a different part number to match to different MCU pins and signals. Please link to Holtek website to check the function of each part number . We only prepare one set of inventory and only list some e-FPCB part numbers. If you need more quantity or un-listed part numbers, please contact us

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  1. e-FPCB needs to be used with e-Link
  2. Each set of e-FPCB has 10 flex cables
  3. Different e-FPCB part number match to different MCU pins and signals

Product Information

  1. Packing List:
    e-FADPxxx flex cable x 10
    2×6 Pin Double-Row Male Headers x 10
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