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MCU temperature calibration tool EMDE001A

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The EMD001A is a temperature calibration tool designed by Holtek. When users program the MCU, the EMDE001A can help them calibrate the temperature sensor built in MCU at the same time. It is necessary to be used with e-Link or

This product is designed for particular MCU which include “Temperature Sensor” function. The EMD001A cannot work if users use a MCU without above-mentioned function. Before purchasing, please confirm the MCU can be use with EMDE001A (please refer to “DETAILS” for more information).

Product information

Dimension: 50 x 28 x 12 mm
Net weight: 8.1g
Packing list: temperature calibration tool EMDE001A x 1

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  • Details
  1. Confirm the part number and function of MCU
    Please make sure that the MCU you use includes “Temperature Sensor” function.
    If you still not sure whether your MCU can be used with the EMD001A, please contact Holtek.
  2. Connection
    (1) e-WriterPro: insert the front side of EMDE001A to the CN3 port which is above of the e-WriterPro.
    (2) e-Link: insert the EMDE001A to the back of e-Link.
  3. Programming: e-Link programming instruction video.


  1. MCU needs to avoid any contact with human body and heating source, also avoid placing closely to heating source. Otherwise the temperature of MCU raises up and causes a deviation of calibration. It is suggested to take MCU by vacuum pickup tool or other tools.
  2. Please calibrate and program MCU under constant temperature. If the environment is changed, please place the MCU for a while before calibration and programming.
  3. MCU temperature rises when calibrating. Please return MCU to normal temperature before recalibration.
  4. How to return the MCU temperature to normal ?
    - In calibration environment, place MCU in front of fan and blow it for 5 minutes.
    - If there is no fan, then place MCU for 20 minutes.

Y axis: The initial temperature (0%) is 25°C, 100% temperature is 30°C.

X axis: reaction time (minute)

Below chart indicates the changes of the reaction time for heating from 25°C to 30°C. Please adjust the reaction time proportionally, if the temperature range is different.


Application note: BA45F67xx Gas Detector Application Note, AN0564EN.

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