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HT66F2390 Starter Kit ESK-303

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The ESK-303 provides you with a fully functional development and prototyping platform for the Holtek 8-bit Flash MCU HT66F2390. The board contains an embedded e-Link Lite which assists users to quickly get started to evaluate the HT66F2390 functions and features, thus providing a means for high efficiency and low risk product prototype design.

This starter kit mainly has two functions: OCDS function and ICP function. The OCDS (On-Chip-Debug-Support) function is useful for program development and debugging, it works with the HT-IDE3000 software. The ICP (In-Circuit-Programming) function is used to program to the HT66V2390 MCU on the board. It works with the HOPE3000 for e-Link software.

The board has embedded two parts of electronic circuits: the e-Link Lite and the HT66V2390 system board. The e-Link Lite is a simplified version of
e-Link which is a debug adaptor. It can be used independently for other Holtek 8-bit Flash MCU device OCDS and ICP functions. The e-Link Lite should be separated to avoid signal interference. The HT66V2390 system board is a small HT66F2390 system. The headers on the board contain all I/O pins for user expansion.

A mini USB connector on the e-Link Lite can be used to power the entire development board, but the power is supplied to the HT66V2390 system board only when the HT-IDE3000 is running at full speed. The VDD and GND pins on the board can be used to power the HT66V2390 system board independently.

Product information

Dimension: 100 x 65 x 13 mm
Net weight: 30.1g

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  1. Embedded e-Link Lite has OCDS and ICP functions
  2. Provides two operating voltages: 3.3V, 5V
  3. All HT66V2390 I/O pins have extended interfaces
  4. 7 jumpers to set pin functions
  5. Using HT66F2390 high performance, low-power MCU
    1. Up to 16MHz operating frequency
    2. ROM 64K x 16、SRAM 4096 x 8、EEPROM 1024 x 8
    3. Integrated multiple Timers, SPI/I2C, SPIA, three UARTs,
      16 channels 12-bit A/D converter, 16-bit CRC functions
    4. 48/64 LQFP package
    5. Multiple oscillator types: External High Speed Crystal, Internal High Speed RC, External 32.768kHz Crystal, Internal 32kHz RC
    6. 58 programmable general purpose I/O pins
  1. Holtek: ESK-303 , including user’s guide, etc.
  2. Application note: AN0577EN , HT66F23xx CRC Application Guidelines, including example code.
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