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RGB LED pattern development board ESK-45F0063-D00

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The ESK-45F0063-D00 is an RGB LED lighting pattern development board, which has a built-in Holtek multi-channel RGB LED flash MCU HT45F0063. It can be used independently or connected with multiple ESK-45F0063-D00 in series via ESK-66F2390-M00.

The development board includes 10 RGB LEDs. With the Holtek RGB LED Lighting Pattern Workshop, users do not need to write codes. The brightness and colors of LEDs are adjustable. There are five lighting effect modes : Always-on, Blinking, Breathing, Flowing and Colorful streamer modes. The Workshop has a built-in color palette, up to seven colors can be set. It can be used after programing with e-Link.

The ESK-45F0063-D00 provides three modes : Stand-alone mode, Cascade mode, I2C mode. In stand-alone mode, it can be operated independently. In cascade and I2C modes, multiple ESK-45F0063-D00 can be connected in series, and users can use ESK-66F2390-M00 as the master controller to switch the lighting effects.

The HT45F0063 includes a COM driver, an 8-bit LED constant current source and three groups of 8-bit PWM generators which can effectively display up to ten million different colors.

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  1. MCU Operating Voltage : 2.2V~5.5V
  2. Two drive status : scanning, direct driving
  3. Constant current LED driver
  4. A button to switch lighting effects
  5. Used with Holtek RGB LED Lighting Pattern Workshop, no need to write programs by yourselves
  6. The Workshop provides five lighting effect modes
  7. The LED colors can be adjusted by yourselves
  8. Can do secondary development by yourselves
  1. Dimension : 75 x 67 x 11 (mm)
  2. Net weight : 30g
  3. Packing List :
    - RGB LED pattern development board ESK-45F0063-D00 x 1
    - Nylon screws x 4
    - Nylon hexagon posts x 4
    - Nylon separation pillar x 4
    - Acrylic board x 1
  1. Development platform : RGB LED Lighting Pattern Workshop
  2. Development tool : e-Link
  3. MCU: Holtek HT45F0063, Multi-channel RGB LED Flash MCU, including datasheet, package dimension, etc.
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