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Voice MCU Workshop DEV Board ESK-FV160-200

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The HOLTEK Voice MCU Workshop V2.3 is a software development platform for Holtek voice MCUs. Using a simple graphical user interface, it allows users to easily integrate the project codes with the audio files and complete the audio product designs efficiently. The codes will be automatically generated and stored in the voice MCU, with the compressed audio files stored in external flash memory.

This development board (DEV board) ESK-FV160-200 is suitable for the project development of HT66FV1x0 series MCU. With the software development platform and e-Link, following the description of the user guide, you can go through the steps and come to the demo code in a few minutes. You may modify the demo code to design other features of the project. The development board has pin headers for the MCU pins, which is convenient to expand more functions.

The e-Link is used to program voice data and project codes to the development board. When used with the ICE software HT-IDE3000, it can also be used for online debugging.

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  1. Power supply: USB powered, external power supply(5V), or from e-Link
  2. Speaker interface: driving capability 1.5W (5V), 8Ω speaker recommended
  3. 3.5mm earphone interface
  4. 32 Mbit flash memory for storing voice data

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 112 x 82 x 12 (mm)
  2. Weight: 39.4 g
  3. Packing List: Voice MCU Workshop DEV Board ESK-FV160-200 x 1


Voice MCU Workshop software: Holtek Voice MCU Workshop
MCU: Holtek HT66FV1x0, Voice Flash MCU with Power Amplifier
Application Note: AN0375E HT66FV130/140/150/160 Application and Development in Voice Products
Application Note: AN0420E Voice MCU Workshop Application Note – Using the HT66FV140 as an Example

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