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Holtek LED Workshop MCU Board ESK-LED-100

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The HT16D35A/HT16D35B are multifunctional LED driver ICs. A single IC can drive up to 72 RGB LEDs composed of 8 rows and 9 commons or 224 single-color LEDs composed of 8 rows and 28 commons, however by cascading more IC together, larger LED panel sizes can be effectively driven. Each row has a constant current output capacity for uniform display brightness. Each dot has a 64 level brightness setting, therefore if a dot is composed of RGB colors, it can display up to 262K colors. Both HT16D35A and HT16D35B communicate with MCUs via a serial interface.

Part NumberInterface
HT16D35A 3-wire SPI
HT16D35B I2C

The development platform HT16D3x LED Workshop from Holtek can simplify the design of an LED display project into 3 main steps: design what are to be displayed, how they are displayed, and finally generate the master MCU codes automatically.

The LED Workshop development boards are designed to help users easily experience the development platform and evaluate the HT16D35A/HT16D35B. There are 5 boards included, one MCU board and four LED boards, as below:

1. ESK-LED-100: the master MCU (HT66F2390) board. Must have.

2. ESK-16D35A-C00: the HT16D35A and 18 x 8 RGB LED matrix, colorful display.

3. ESK-16D35A-M00: the HT16D35A and 28 x 16 White LED matrix, mono/grayscale display.

4. ESK-16D35B-C00: the HT16D35B and 18 x 8 RGB LED matrix, colorful display.

5. ESK-16D35B-M00: the HT16D35B and 28 x 16 White LED matrix, mono/grayscale display.

To see the real LED display effect, you must have the MCU board, one of the four LED boards and e-Link (for downloading MCU program).

The video is helpful for learning the platform usage, take a look at it.


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  1. Supply voltage: +5V
  2. Display data can be stored in MCU or external flash memory
  3. LED board connector can connect any of the 4 LED boards

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 99 x 95 x 17 (mm)
  2. Weight: 45.4g
  3. Packing List: LED Workshop MCU Board ESK-LED-100 x 1

Q & A

1. Why can't I directly watch the LED board demo after programming?
The e-Link will supply power to the MCU when you use it to program, eliminating the need for an external power supply. To demonstrate the LED board, you must supply power from the mini USB or DC jack.

2. Is the automatically generated MCU code C language?
Currently, the automatically generated MCU codes are assembly language, not C language.

3. After the development is completed, can I migrate to other MCU boards?
Yes, if you use the same MCU HT66F2390, just pay attention to the correct wiring with the LED board (refer to the schematics for the connector pin assignment), the program codes can be applied. If you switch to another MCU, you will need to modify the codes.

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