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HT32 Series Expansion Board Plus ESK32-21001

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The advanced Expansion Board, ESK32-21001, is designed for the ESK32-30xxx series starter kit. The accompanying peripheral components on the board include a Buzzer, input Keys, touch Keys, RS232 socket, SD Card socket, EEPROM, Serial Flash, LEDs and Potentiometer etc. This wide range of peripheral components will allow users to quickly understand and evaluate the HT32 series functions and features.

The extension board has two models according to the presence or absence of some components on the board: the basic-model ESK32-20001 and the plus-model ESK32-21001. Only three functions are different between these two models. These are the CMOS sensor connector, smart card connector and audio in/out which are only available in the ESK32-21001.

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  1. RS232 connector
  2. Wakeup and two key buttons
  3. Touch keys
  4. Three LEDs
  5. I2C – compatible serial interface EEPROM
  6. SPI – compatible serial interface Flash
  7. SPI and EBI extension interfaces for LCD display applications
  8. SD card slot – SPI mode
  9. PWM output for Buzzer driving
  10. Backup battery
  11. SWD-20P debug Port interface
  12. Multi interface including UART, I2C, SPI and GPIO functions for connecting various modules
  13. Smart card connector
  14. CMOS sensor connector
  15. Audio input contains microphone and stereo jack
  16. Audio output contains speaker connector and stereo jack

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 180mm x 126mm x 20mm
  2. Weight: 153.9 g
  3. Packing List:
    ESK32-21001 x 1
    Important Information x 1


Link to Holtek website ESK32-21001 for more information.

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