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Adaptor ESKT3244LQFPB

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This adaptor is used to program Holtek 32-bit MCU with package type 44-pin LQFP (10mm x 10mm, FP 2.0mm). It must be used together with the Holtek e-Writer32 programmer.

To use this adaptor, insert it into the slot on the e-Writer32. When placing IC into this adaptor, keep the IC pin1 to align with pin1 of this adaptor (marked on the PCB).

The adaptor is a consumable. The suggested programming times is 10,000 times. When the adaptor has programmed over 10,000 times, the e-Writer32 will display a warning message. It is recommended to replace a new adaptor to ensure successful programming.

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  1. Dimensions: 76 x 70 x 26 (mm)
  2. Weight: 46.5 g
  3. Packing List: Adaptor ESKT3244LQFPB x 1


  1. Please link to Holtek website for more information.
  2. Package Information (packaging diagrams and parameters)
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