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8-bit MCU Gang Writer Programming Module G-ICPM08040

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The G-ICPM08040 is the programming module of Gang-Writer8-8 (Gang Writer for Holtek 8-bit MCUs). Each Gang-Writer8-8 comes with two programming module G-ICPM08040, however users can purchase extra G-ICPM08040 to expand the programming channels. Each module has the capability of programming four Holtek 8-bit flash MCUs in parallel.

This module can also be used as a 4-channel gang writer individually. Each channel has its own LEDs to indicate the programming status. Same as the Gang-Writer8-8, this module supports all Holtek 8-bit MCUs.

The programming module G-ICPM08040 has the following features:

  1. Program up to 4 devices at one time
  2. Support both PC based (online) and stand-alone (offline) configurations
  3. ICP (In-Circuit Programming)
  4. Used with Holtek Hope3000 software (V3.26 and above)
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  1. Power supply: 5V/3A
  2. Four programming channel settings: all(ICP1-ICP4), ICP1&ICP2, ICP3&ICP4, ICP1&ICP3

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 75 x 60 x 18 (mm)
  2. Weight: 19.9 g
  3. Packing List:
    Gang Writer Programming Module G-ICPM08040 x 1
    20PIN (5PIN × 4 ICP) PHB Connector x 1
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