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HT66F003 16NSOP (5 pieces)

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The HT66F003 is a 8-bit MCU with Holtek’s HT8 core. Its embedded 12-bit A/D converter can select a bandgap voltage generator as its reference voltage, which means that an accurate and stable reference voltage is available for the 12-bit A/D when operating under conditions of different voltage and temperature. This feature makes these devices suitable for use in battery applications. In addition, the excellent ESD/EFT protection feature ensures the device is suitable for use in AC power supply based application environments. Good oscillator flexibility is provided by the provision of two oscillators, an internal high frequency RC type and an internal low frequency 32kHz RC type. The high frequency internal RC oscillator has a fixed 8MHz frequency with an accuracy of ±2% under constant temperature and constant voltage conditions.


  1. Each purchasing unit includes 5 pieces of IC.
  2. The product image is for showing the product appearance, the pin count shown may not match the product pin count. Please check document for detail package information.

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Features of HT66F00x series

Part NumberHT66F002HT66F0025HT66F003HT66F004
Internal Clock8MHz8MHz8MHz8MHz
Operating Voltage2.2V – 5.5V2.2V – 5.5V2.2V – 5.5V2.2V – 5.5V
System Clock8MHz or 32kHz8MHz or 32kHz8MHz or 32kHz8MHz or 32kHz
Program Memory (Flash)1K x 142K x 141K x 142K x 15
Data Memory (SRAM)64 x 864 x 864 x 896 x 8
Data EEPROM32 x 832 x 832 x 832 x 8
I/OUp to 8Up to 814Up to 18
ADC12-bit x 412-bit x 412-bit x 412-bit x 8
Timer Module10-bit STM x 110-bit STM x 110-bit STMx1; 10-bit PTMx110-bit PTM x 2
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Packing mediatubetubetubetube

Development Tool

  1. Debug Adapter: e-Link
  2. Development Environment: HT-IDE3000


MCU: Holtek HT66F003, (including datasheet, software library, example code, etc.)

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