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HT66F017 16NSOP (5 pieces)

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The HT66F017 is an Enhanced Flash MCU with EEPROM that includes a multi-channel 12-bit A/D converter and a comparator. It integrates oscillators and does not require any external components. It's suitable for applications of electronic metering, environmental monitoring, handheld instruments, household appliances, electronically controlled tools, motor driving, etc.

  1. Each purchasing unit includes 5 pieces of IC.
  2. The product image is for showing the product appearance, the pin count shown may not match the product pin count.

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  1. Operating Voltage: 2.2V~5.5V
  2. Oscillator types
    - External crystal – HXT
    - Internal RC – HIRC
    - Internal 32kHz RC – LIRC
  3. Flash Program Memory: up to 2Kx16
  4. RAM Data Memory: up to 128x8
  5. Comparator function
  6. 4-channel 12-bit resolution A/D converter
  1. Debug Adapter : e-Link
  2. Development Environment : HT-IDE3000
  1. MCU : Holtek HT66F017, Enhanced Flash MCU with EEPROM, including datasheet, package dimension, etc.
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