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1. Our return policy will be implemented in accordance with the laws of Taiwan. If there are any amendments to these laws we have the right to amend the terms of its returns policy.

2. Application of Returns

  • (1) A return application can be submitted within 7 days from the date of receipt, and the returned product must be in an unopened state. (the return application for MCUs and ICs are not accepted)
  • (2) Please go to our website to fill the application form, and the product can be returned only if the return application is approved. If the products are delivered for more than 7 days, we do not guarantee to accept your return application.
  • (3) If the product does not meet your expectations after opening and using it, we are pleased to provide technical support to help you determine whether the product is defective or not.
  • (4) If it is not due to product defects or damage caused by the shipping process, you have to pay the return shipping fee.
  • (5) The returned items must include: the product, accessories, gifts, invoices, shipping receipts and all documents or information attached with the products, and return them in the original box/bag. If there is any scarcity, the company may deduct the necessary processing fee and refund it.

3. After we receives the returned products, the refund usually takes one week.

4. If the products are damaged during delivery, please CONTACT US and describe the damaged condition and provide photos. We will exchange the products for you as soon as possible.

5. If you have any questions about purchasing, please CONTACT US.

6. If the products have exceeded 120 days from the shipment date, we reserve the right to not accept your questions.

7. Please note that the IC products can not be returned.

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