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433MHz Serial OOK Receiver Module BCM-2401-C03

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Do you think RF wireless communication is only used as a remote control to send button state a bit overkill? RF wireless communication is definitely able to do more. When you want the transmitter/receiver module to do more control, send more complex commands and data, the serial type module will be better select.

This product is a serial RF wireless receiver module, the operating frequency is 433.92MHz. It comes with a serial communication interface, selectable to be UART or I2C. The external MCU board uses this interface to receive data or send commands for controlling the operation mode of this module. An Arduino example code and operation guide are provided to demonstrate how to control this module.

Compared to the parallel receiver module (Product ID: BCM-68F2420-C01), this serial module is usually controlled by the external master MCU. The parallel receiver module has four output pins to do four actions, usually does not need an external MCU.

The communication protocol is proprietary, therefore the module must use with a corresponding serial transmitter module (Product ID:BCM-2102-X03) to form a complete transmitter/receiver set.

To facilitate the use of this receiver module, we make the receiver module evaluation board (PRODUCT ID: BCE-GENRX-X01). The evaluation board has buttons, LEDs, battery slot, etc., it saves your time to make peripheral circuits. By inserting the receiver module into the evaluation board, you can quickly start using the module.

Product Information:

  1. Dimension(L x W x H): 22 x 20 x 10 (mm), not including antenna and pin stic
  2. Weight: 2.4g, not including antenna and pin stick
  3. Packing List:
    1. BCM-2401-C03 module x 1
    2.Spring antenna 433.92MHz x1
    3.9-pin, 90-degree pin stick x 1
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    1. Operatinig Voltage: 4.5V - 5.5V
    2. Frequency: 433.92 MHz
    3. Sensitivity: -97dBm
    4. Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +85℃

IC Information

  1. BC2401
  2. BC68F0031
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