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433MHz Low-IF OOK Receiver Module BM2302-34-1

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433MHz RF Receiver Module BM2302-34-1


This module is a 433MHz OOK RF receiving module whose design is based on the Holtek BC2302A Low-IF OOK RF receiver IC. The IC's built-in OOK demodulator provides good stability and strong anti-interference ability.

This module is easy to use. With correct wire connections, it enters the receiving mode automatically (the “Auto RX mode”) after powered-on. The DO/SDA pin outputs the received signal continuously. The other operating mode is the “Sniff RX mode”, which allows you to set the module in the deep sleep mode or the receiving mode by controlling the SD/SCL pin. You may save power with this mode in benefit of the ultra-low power consumption of the deep sleep mode.

A 433MHz OOK-modulated RF transmitter is necessary to work with this module to constitute an one-way RF control link, such as the BCM-68F2130-X02 and the BCR-68F2130-X01.

Typical applications: ceiling lights/fans, keyless entry system, door remote controllers, etc.


  1. This module have the same function with BM2302-64-1. They are only different in the PCB dimension.

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433MHz RF Receiver Module BM2302-34-1


  1. Operating voltage: 3.0V – 5.5V
  2. Operating current:
    0.5uA(Typ.) @ 5V, deep sleep mode
    3.2mA(Typ.) @ 5V, receiving mode
  3. RX sensitivity: -112dBm(Typ.)@ 5V, 25℃, 10Ksps
  4. Maximum operating input power: 10dBm@RF-in, BER=0.1%
  5. Modulation: OOK
  6. Symbol rate: 1Ksps – 20Ksps
  7. Operating Temperature: -40℃- 85℃

Pin Function

  1. Pin 1: ANT, connect to 50 ohm impedance antenna
  2. Pin 2,3,8: GND, ground
  3. Pin 4,5: VDD, power supply,3.0V – 5.5V.
  4. Pin 6: SD/SCL,
    SD: RX mode shut-down control, it should be pulled low in RX Mode.
    SCL: I2C clock input line in Configuration Mode.
  5. Pin 7: DO/SDA,
    DO: demodulated data output in RX Mode
    SDA: I2C data line in Configuration Mode

Operation Mode

After powered on, this module is in deep sleep mode, in which it consumes 0.5uA only. With the proper control of the DO/SDA and SD/SCL pins, this module can work in configuration mode or receiving mode (RX mode).

1. Auto RX mode

Wire connection: Connect the SD/SCL pin to ground (GND).
After powered on, the module works in Auto RX mode automatically. The module will continuously receive the RF signal from the antenna and output the demodulated data to the DO/SDA pin. The module will remain in this mode until the power is removed.

The below image is the output waveform with the BCR-68F2130-X01 as the transmitter. You may need an MCU to decode the waveform. Refer to the AN0515 BC2302A/B Development Board Application Note for example program.

2. Sniff RX mode

Wire connection: Connect the SD/SCL pin to an MCU.
After powered on, the module is in deep sleep mode. Both the SD/SCL and DO/SDA pins are in high level due to the internal pull-up resistors of the BC2032. The external MCU can control the SD/SCL pin to switch the operation mode, low for the receiving mode, high for the deep sleep mode.

3. Configuration mode

Wire connection: Connect both the SD/SCL and DO/SDA pins to an MCU.
After powered on, the external MCU uses the I2C interface to configure the BC2302 chip. Refer to the BC2302 datasheet for details. Normally it is not necessary to configure this module unless you want to do advance settings.

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 43.0 x 10.5 x 5.2(mm)
  2. Weight: 1.7g
  3. Packing List:
  • BM2302-34-1 module x 1
  • 433MHz spring antenna x 1


Module: Holtek BM2302-3x-1, Low-IF OOK Receiver Module
IC: Holtek BC2302A/BC2302B, Sub-1GHz Low-IF OOK RF Receiver
Application Note: AN0514E, BC2302A/BC2302B Application Notes
Application Note: AN0515EN, BC2302A/B Development Board Application Note(with example codes and schematics)

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