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Slide Capacitive Touch Sensor BMS00040

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The Slide Capacitive Touch Sensor is suitable for applications of intuitive input value adjustments such as the LED lamp brightness adjustment. When a finger touches the copper foil area on the PCB, which is arranged in a shape of rectangular (for sliding), the capacitance of this area will change. By detecting this change in capacitance and the location, this product can simulate the effect of sliding.

The slide is implemented with 8 touch keys. With the unique PCB touch area layout design and MCU software algorithm, this product has the advantage of stable and fast touch location recognition. There are 8 LEDs on the PCB to indicate the unique touched location on the slide so that we can easily identify the touched location.

Users can also use an external MCU to read the touched location through the I2C interface. The external MCU transmits an I2C command and the sensor will send out the data with a value range from 0 to 7 to indicate which location is touched on the slide.

This Slide Capacitive Touch Sensor is developed using the Holtek BS83B12A-4 touch MCU. It has good anti-interference characteristics and ability to compensate for environmental changes. These features ensure that it will not be affected by power interference and environmental temperature changes.

Intuitive input control makes a product more enjoyable. The Slide Capacitive Touch Sensor is widely applied to applications such as LED lamps, home appliances, remote controls, etc.

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Product Information:

  1. Dimension: 41mm x 66mm x 3mm (not including pin stick)
  2. Weight: 9.1 g (not including pin stick)
  3. Packing List: Slide Capacitive Touch Sensor BMS00040 PCBA x 1; 5-pin 180-degree pin stick x 1


  1. Operating voltage: 2.2V - 5.0V
  2. Operating current: 0.9mA (VDD=2.2V) - 3mA (VDD=5.0V)
  3. Standby current: 5μA (VDD=2.2V) - 16μA (VDD=5.0V)
  4. Normal Mode to Standby Mode Waiting Time: about 8 seconds
  5. I2C interface: support Standard-mode (bit rate up to 100Kbit/s), Fast-mode (bit rate up to 400Kbit/s)


MCU: Holtek BS83B12A-4, Touch Flash MCU
Application Note: AN0352E Notes for I2C Transmission

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