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Water Atomization Module BMZ00040

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The principle of an ultrasonic atomizer is to use the high-frequency mechanical oscillation of a piezoelectric transducer to convert the water particles into tiny droplets; the higher the frequency, the finer the droplets. Usually, the droplets are guided into the air with a blower. It can be used to make a variety of products such as humidifiers.

This product is an ultrasonic water atomization module. It provides a maximum power of 10W and a water shortage detection function to prevent the transducer from being damaged when working in the absence of water. The module needs an external 24V power supply to drive the transducer and the blower. The module has a 5V voltage regulator IC that supplies power to the MCU.

The 5x2 pin header on the module provides additional functions such as atomization power adjustment, water shortage protection, RGB LED driver, communication interface (1-wire bus) and module status output.

The piezoelectric transducer we provide is 1.7MHz, 20mm diameter (not including the outer ring rubber sleeve). The module also supports 2.4MHz transducer, please set the correct frequency (JP5 on the module) before use.

The water shortage detection function uses the induction capacitance of water to decide water level; the more the water, the higher the capacitance value. The water level threshold can be set through the module pin or the 1-wire bus communication interface. When the capacitance is under the threshold, the module will stop making mist and output the module status pin accordingly. Refer to the Operation Guide for details on deciding the water level threshold.

This module can work in stand-alone mode or with an external host MCU. Through the 1-wire bus, the host MCU can read/write parameters of the module, such as water level detection, atomization power control, fan power control, etc. For details, refer to the 1-wire bus communication protocol and example program (Arduino).

To use this module, you have to prepare a 24V power supply. And if you want to connect a blower to the module, use a 24V blower. The water shortage detection spring should be placed close to the bottom of the water container. It is recommended that you decide the appropriate device first. Please connect to the piezoelectric transducer before connecting to power supply. Otherwise, the module may damage.

Product information

- Module: 62 x 37 x 30mm
  (with the water level detection spring)
- Piezoelectric transducer: diameter 20mm
  (without rubber sleeve)
- Cable length: 70mm
Net weight: 19.8g
Packing list
-Water Atomization Module BMZ00040 x 1
- Piezoelectric transducer x 1 (resonant frequency 1.7MHz)


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  1. Input voltage: 24V / 1A
  2. Maximum atomization power : 10W, adjustable
  3. Supported atomizer transducer frequency : 1.7MHz and 2.4MHz
  4. Water shortage detection to protect the atomizer transducer
  5. RGB LED driver
  6. External host MCU to configure module parameters
  7. Communication interface : 1-wire bus

Question 1
Does the BMZ00040 have heating problems like traditional ultrasonic atomizers?

The piezoelectric transducer atomizes water molecules according to high-frequency vibration, and the process usually generates some heat.
There are two types of atomizers: self-driving and external-driving. The BMZ00040 is an external-driving type. The heat generation is much less than the self-driving type, and it doesn’t need any heat sink.

Question 2
How many does it spray per hour?

We don’t have the data about it. However, according to our experience, it can be calculated as 13.5 x 10 = 135mL/H.

Question 3
Can the BMZ00040 be used with other external hosts MCU than Arduino?

Yes, the BMZ00040 communicates with any external host MCU.
The external host MCU can send commands to the COM pin (pin 11) of the module. Please refer to the "Communication Protocol" document for the command description.

Question 4
How much water per hour does the BMZ00040 use?

The BMZ00040 uses about 80ml water per hour at the power of 10W (full power)

Question 5
What is the maximum water level that it can atomize?

According to our practical operation, it can hardly atomize if the water level is over 11cm.
Please refer to the video as below:


We have some suggestions for you about using the product:

(1) Avoid the reverse of positive and negative power/fan connection.
(2) Never operate it with no water.
(3) Please make sure the water (tap water) temperature is between 10℃ to 45℃.
(4) Clean the piezoelectric transducer regularly.
(5) Prevent the product from a collision.


MCU: Holtek BS45F3833, Ultrasonic Atomizer Flash MCU, including datasheet, package dimension, etc.

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