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HT16D35B Evaluation Board (white LED) ESK-16D35B-M00

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The ESK-16D35B-M00 is an evaluation board for Holtek constant current LED driver HT16D35B . The board includes 448 white LEDs (in 16x28 matrix) and two HT16D35B ICs. An external MCU can control the LED display and effects of the board with the I2C interface.

The Holtek HT16D3x constant current LED driver IC series integrate a PWM illumination control function, fade effect and rolling functions. In having the above features, they are suitable for use in applications such as mood lights, selfie lights, gaming keyboards, rhythm lamps, Bluetooth LED speakers, mobile phones backlights and home appliances which have color display panels.

Holtek provides a graphics editing software tool, LED Editor, to set up and edit patterns and colors, set rolling functions, set up fade and other functions, and then view the simulated display on the computer screen. The development platform, LED Workshop, is also provided to convert any user-edited graphics and instructions into MCU program code, ready for programming into the Holtek MCU. To use the software tools, this board should be used together with the MCU Board ESK-LED-100 and the debug adapter e-Link.


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  1. Include 448 white LEDs (in 16x28 matrix) and two HT16D35B ICs
  2. Logic circuit power supply (VDD): 2.7V – 5.5V
  3. LED driver power supply (LED_VDD): 4.5V- 5.5V
  4. I2C interface
  5. Software development tools: LED Editor, LED workshop, HT-IDE3000

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 91 x 65 x 12(mm)
  2. Weight: 26.7g (net weight)
  3. Packing List: ESK-16D35B-M00 x 1

Development Environment

Product Series

Evaluation BoardLED Driver ICLED typeLED quantityInterface
ESK-16D31B-C00HT16D31BRGB96 (6x16)I2C
ESK-16D31B-M00HT16D31BWrite288 (9x32)I2C
ESK-16D33A-C00HT16D33ARGB160 (10x16)3-wire SPI
ESK-16D33A-M00HT16D33AWrite360 (10x36)3-wire SPI
ESK-16D35A-C00HT16D35ARGB144 (8x18)3-wire SPI
ESK-16D35B-C00HT16D35BRGB144 (8x18)I2C
ESK-16D35A-M00HT16D35AWhite448 (16x28)3-wire SPI
ESK-16D35B-M00HT16D35BWhite448 (16x28)I2C


LED Editor, LED Workshop: HT16D3x LED Workshop, (including LED Editor)
HT-IDE3000: HT-IDE3000 , Integrated Development Environment software for Holtek 8-bit MCU
User's Guide: LED Workshop User's Guide, HT-IDE3000 User's Guide
IC: HT16D35A/HT16D35B , 28x8 Constant Current LED Driver

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