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Multi-function Experimental Board ESK-310

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The multi-function experiment board (ESK-310) consists of an evaluation board (ESK-300) and a color TFT LCD display (e-Display). The evaluation board ESK-300 integrates 15 peripheral circuits commonly used by microcontroller beginners, which is convenient for learning and teaching. The e-Display is a 1.44”color TFT LCD display with 128x128 resolution. It supports I2C interface and 1602 interface.

It can be used with an 8-bit or 32-bit microcontroller board as an experiment kit for microcontroller courses.

The 15 peripheral circuits are listed below. They are marked clearly on the board for easy identification.
1. DC motor driving circuit (HT6751)
2. Servo motor circuit (RC Servo)
3. Relay circuit
4. 7-segment LED circuit
5. Buzzer
6. Temperature sensor circuit (TC77)
7. EEPROM (HT24LC32)
8. LED circuit
9. IR receiver circuit
10. IR detection circuit
11. Variable resistor (Trimmer)
12. RGB LED circuit
13. DIP switch
14. Color TFT LCD display
15. 4 x 4 key matrix

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  1. Power supply: USB power (5V) and external power supply(3.3V)
  2. DC motor driving circuit use HT6751 H Bridge driving IC
  3. TC77 temperature sensing IC, output temperature as a 13-bit word
  4. HT24LC32 EEPROM, capacity 32K-bit.
  5. TCRT5000 reflective optical sensor

Product Information

Dimension: 200 x 100 x 24 (mm)
Weight: 121.7 g
Packing List:

  1. Evaluation Board ESK-300 x 1
  2. Color TFT LCD displat e-Display x 1
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