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High Voltage Power Board HVPB-A

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The high voltage AC power board HVPB-A has an input voltage of AC 90V – 260V and delivers a maximum of 2.5A DC current to BLDC motor. It should be connected to the evaluation board FOC-EVB to work with the Holtek BLDC Motor Workshop development platform. The BLDC Motor Workshop delivers the convenience of development and realizes a complete solution from evaluation, development to production.

The HVPB-A board embeds the highly integrated motor driver SIM6822M, and provides functions such as shunt current sensing, bus voltage sensing, over current protection. Note that the power input must be isolated by a set of isolation transformers to maintain safety.

  1. Please contact Holtek to get the BLDC Motor Workshop development platform software.

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The motor product itself has a large working current. Careless use will cause damage to the product.
It is recommended that this product be used by professionals.
  1. Input voltage: AC 90V – 260V
  2. Maximum DC bus current: 2.5A
  3. Maximum motor phase current: 0.6A, can be improved to 1.0A by changing some components
  4. R_Shunt (Phase): 0.5Ω/2512/1%
  5. Bus voltage divider ratio: 1/103.00
  6. Gate-driver polarity: low side active high, high side active high
  1. Dimension: 109 x 100 x 57(mm)
  2. Weight: 146.3g (net weight)
  3. Packing List: HVPB-A x 1

  1. MCU : Holtek HT32F65240, 32-Bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU, including datasheet, package information, tool information, etc.
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