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2-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor BMS00010

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Capacitive Touch Sensor is suitable for use as an alternative to traditional switches. When a finger touches the copper trace area on the PCB representing the switch area, the capacitance of this area will change. By detecting this change in capacitance we have a way of detecting a switch press.

This 2-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor is developed using the Holtek BS83A02A-4 Touch MCU. With an integrated 8-bit MCU and suitable algorithms, the BS83A02A-4 has the special characteristics of anti-interference and ability to compensate for environmental changes. These features ensure that it will not be affected by power interference and environmental temperature changes, providing excellent stability. The device is suitable for use as input interfaces for home appliance control. With the additional advantages of ultra-low standby current, few external application components and a small package type they are also suitable for use in wearable products.

Using Capacitive Touch Keys in products greatly simplifies their structural design and provide for a more aesthetic and fashionable appearance. Their stable touch performance provides excellent reliability, durability, and ultra-long life. In addition, they also have the advantages of being dustproof, waterproof, scratch-resistant and offer insulation protection against electric shocks.

These 2-Key Capacitive Touch Sensors can implement stable touch key actions without requiring complex mechanical structures. These modules can assist users to rapidly implement their product designs which require capacitive touch key functions, providing a means to reduce their product development cycles.

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  1. Operating voltage: 2.2V~5V
  2. Operating current: 0.6mA (VDD=2.2V) ~ 1.8mA (VDD=5V)
  3. Standby current: 2μA (VDD=2.2V) ~ 7μA (VDD=5V)
  4. Touch key response time in Normal Mode: ~125ms
  5. Touch key response time in Standby Mode: ~150ms
  6. Normal Mode to Standby Mode Time: ~8s

Product Information:

  1. Dimensions: 38.4 x 38.4 x 3.0 (mm) (not including pin stick)
  2. Weight: 6.0g (not including pin stick)
  3. Packing List:
    2-Key Capacitive Touch Sensor BMS00010 x 1
    4-pin 180-degree pin stick x 1

Arduino Program

IC Information

  1. BS83A02A-4
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