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Why do I sometimes see the wrong language?

Our system supports three languages ​​(Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English), and part of the language conversion is determined by the product language in the shopping cart. If the system language is inconsistent with the product language in the shopping cart, At some point you will see the language display error. It is recommended you to select the language when you are browsing the website at first. If you need to adjust the language after the product is added to the shopping cart, please click the UPDATE SHOPPING CART in the shopping cart list to adjust the language of the product after adjusting the language.

Why do I sometimes see the wrong currency symbol?

Our system supports three currencies, but will specify the currency to be settled according to the shipping address. Taiwan uses New Taiwan Dollar (TWD), China uses Chinese Yuan (CNY), and other countries/regions use US Dollar (USD).It is recommended that you select the correct currency at the top right of the page before purchasing according to your shipping address. If the currency you selected at the time of purchase is different from the checkout currency preset by your shipping address, in some cases you will see the currency symbol error.Please be assured that this is only a currency symbol error and will not affect the correctness of the checkout amount.

Why is there an Extra Fee (Taiwan VAT 5%) when checking out?

According to Taiwan regulation, orders with a billing address in Taiwan should pay 5% Value Added Tax (VAT). The fee is listed in “Extra Fee (Taiwan VAT 5%)”. We do not charge VAT for orders with a billing address outside Taiwan. Our TWD price has included this tax, there will be no ”Extra Fee (Taiwan VAT 5%)” item at checkout if the payment currency is TWD.

Do I need to become a member before making a purchase?

Yes, our website requires membership therefore only after becoming a member can purchases be made.

If the product required is not in stock, can I still place an order?

This is not allowed. For out of stock items, at the present time we are unable to accept back orders. For out of stock items please click on “notify when in stock” and then fill out your email address. When the item is in stock you will be immediately notified. We thank you in advance for your patience in such cases.

Why do I receive an error message when trying to add products to my shopping cart?

In the event that you are having trouble adding items to your shopping cart. It is recommended that you log out of your account and then log in again.
If you still can't add items to your shopping cart successfully, please contact us:

Is shipping possible on holiday?

It is not presently possible to arrange shipping on holiday.

Can my order be shipped to a PO Box?

Our courier companies are unable to deliver to PO boxes.
If it is necessary to arrange shipment to a PO Box, please contact our customer services or email to allow us to find a way to arrange delivery using the postal services.

What to do if I forget my password?

First, please click Do you forget your password? on the login page.

Second, enter your account's email address to receive a password reset link.

How can I make it easier to find what I want to buy?

(1) Quick search: Enter keyword in the search bar above the home page to help you quickly find what you want to buy.

(2) Looking by category: Drop-down menu selection category to find the product page.

Is there a free shipping discount?

Sorry, we don't provide free shipping discount for oversea orders.

How to track my order?

Please click [ My Account / Order History ] to track your order.
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