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Points to note before placing an order

The products sold on this website are electronic components aimed at development, testing and trial production. Users are recommended to have basic electronic knowledge, for example electronic hobbyist, maker, engineer, teachers or students etc. The products are not intended for use by general consumers. Before purchasing please read the product information and consider carefully the suitability of the products for your specific use.

Points to note for International Orders

For orders that are to be shipped overseas, the person who made the order will be seen as the person responsible for any import declarations and therefore must use a real name and must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of that country.

With the exception of shipping chargers, we are not responsible for payment of taxes or any other fees associated with the purchase of products to your country. As it is difficult for us to provide information on the tax import regulations for each country we recommend that before placing an order you fully understand any additional taxes or fees that may be incurred. If you do not ensure payment of these taxes or fees, then any return shipment charges or other fees incurred in returning the products will not be covered by us.

Offline Purchase Orders

We accept offline orders. Please email or fax us your purchase order, we will provide quotation and payment bank information. After full payment is made and then we will process your order. After receipt of your payment we will normally ship your order within one working day.

On the purchase order please include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Email address
  4. Remitting bank name and account holder name
  5. Product name、product quantities and cost
  6. Shipping method
  7. Billing address
  8. Shipping address
  9. Then send it to:
    FAX: +886-3-5162839

Order Status Information

  1. Waiting for Payment:
    We received your order, but our system message shows that your payment was not successful. If your operation shows that you have completed your payment and do not have an error message, it is recommended that you check your account to confirm the payment was successful. Orders with status “Waiting for Payment” will be canceled automatically in about 6 minutes, and then the order status becomes “Canceled”.
  2. New Order:
    confirms that we have received your order and the payment was successful.
  3. Processing:
    your order is in process. You may not change or cancel your order in this status.
  4. Shipped:
    your order is ready for shipping. You may see the tracking number of the shipping company so that you can check the shipping status. For the orders chose to “self-pickup”, this status means the order is ready for picking up. You may not change or cancel your order in this status either.
  5. Canceled:
    your order has been canceled, possible reason may be the payment was not successful, the order has completed the RMA procedure…and so on.
  6. Other:
    Your order status is not in the above conditions. This status is seldom happened. We are still processing your order and will contact you when it is necessary. You may contact us to check the situation."

Cancel an Order

Your order status must be “new order” for order cancellation be allowed. To cancel an order you can directly operate on our website. We will apply the refund procedure on the next working day.

1. Any refunds may incur a bank charge which must be paid for you.
  Therefore it will be deducted from the refund amount.
2. There may be an exchange rate difference in the Alipay refunds.

Will you reserve what I keep in shopping cart or My Wish List in stock?

Items keep in a shopping cart or wish list cannot be reserved.

How to change the quantity of items in the shopping cart?

Click the shopping cart to update the quantity.

How to change the quantity of items in my order?

Once if the order is established, you cannot make any change. If you want to change your order, please cancel and reorder it.

Are all the items in stock?

The items shown in stock are in stock, if you want to order more than inventory, please contact us.

Can I change delivery address after order is established?

If the status of your order is New Oder, please contact us to change the delivery address. If the status is Processing, we cannot make any change for you.
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