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Gang Writer for Holtek 32-bit MCU Gang-Writer32-8

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Gang writer, also known as gang programmer, can program multiple devices at one time. It is generally used for high volume production programming.

The Gang-Writer32-8 supports all Holtek 32-bit MCUs and programs eight HT32 MCUs at one time, expandable to 16 devices. Each Gang-Writer32-8 comes with 3 boards, one base board G-ICPB00040 and two programming module G-ICPM32040. Each programming module is capable of programming 4 channels in parallel. The base board can connect up to 4 programming modules to form 16 channels programming (need to purchase extra 2 programming module G-ICPM32040).

The Gang-Writer32-8 has the following features:

  1. Fast programming of all Holtek 32-bit MCUs (Arm® Cortex® core)
  2. Program 8 devices at one time, expandable to 16 channels
  3. Support both PC based (online) and stand-alone (offline) configurations
  4. ICP (In-Circuit Programming) with SWD(Serial Wire Debug) interface
  5. Each channel has 1 MByte of flash memory for storage of target program
  6. Used with Holtek e-Link32 Pro ICP Tool software

We measured the time of programming 128KB code to the HT32F52352l MCU, which is of 128KB flash memory), the programming time was about 2.8 seconds. The code file Ptest32F52352.HEX can be downloaded in the DOCUMENT section. The target board is ESK32-30501 HT32F52352 Starter Kit.

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  1. One button to start programming all devices
  2. In offline programming, the programming power can be from gang writer (3.3V) or target board
  3. Each programming module has four programming channel settings: all(ICP1-ICP4), ICP1&ICP2, ICP3&ICP4, ICP1&ICP3

Product Information

  1. Dimension: 136 x 75 x 23 (mm)
  2. Weight: 101.3 g, not including cables
  3. Packing List:
  • Gang-Writer32-8 x 1
  • USB cable x 1
  • 5V USB-Connector Power Adapter x 1
  • 20PIN (5PIN × 4 ICP) PHB Connector x 2
  • 20PIN (5PIN × 1 ICP) PHB Connector x 1
  • Important Information x 1

Q & A

1. Is there a limit to the location of the programming module G-ICPM32040 connected to the base board G-ICPB00040?
There is no limit, there are 4 SLOT areas (SLOT1 – SLOT4) on the base board, and the programming module can be connected to any SLOT area.
A single base board can connect up to four programming modules, that is, each of the SLOT area is loaded with a programming module.

2. There are two START button areas on the base board. Are the functions the same?
The two START button areas have the same function, this design is convenient for the operator to press the button from different directions.

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