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JUN. 7
BS45F3232 Proximity Sensing MCU Development Board BMS010B0   
The BMS010B0 is a development board based on the proximity sensing MCU, BS45F3232.
It needs to use with the development platform, Infrared (IR) Proximity Sensing Workshop, and the BS-ebridge.
APR. 21
Proximity Sensing Module BM32S2021-1 is ON SALE now!   
The BM32S2021-1 is on sale while supplies last.
The product integrates active infrared emission, reception, and optical mechanisms. It has features, such as low power consumption, small size, long sensing distance (up to 100cm), and automatic learning of sensing distance.
MAR. 3
Hopping Code Remote Control Development Board OOK/FSK
The product includes a set of transmitter and receiver development boards. It is suitable for garage remote controller applications.
Holtek also provides a development platform, the RF workshop, to help users develop products easier. Users can change multiple parameters in the workshop. They can also generate a project file to import to the HT-IDE3000 software for advanced development.
JAN. 25
Best Modules will be closed from Jan. 29 to Feb. 6 in observance of Chinese New Year. Please keep in mind that any orders placed after 10:00 AM Jan. 28 (Taiwan time, UTC+8) will be processed on Feb. 7.
JAN. 22
Due to high demand expect some shipping delays at this time, FedEx delivery may delay for 1-2 business days.
JAN. 1
We appreciate your support in 2021. We wish you happy holidays.
DEC. 27
Holtek released new infrared remote control development boards, the ESK-IRRC-T00, and the ESK-IRRC-T01. Users can use the development boards with the development platform, the infrared remote controller workshop, and the decoder ESK-IRRC-R00. These tools can make the development process easier.
SEP. 10
Comparing with the PWM servo, the UART servo (BM22O2421-A / BM22O2321-A) is able to control a wider angle and has higher accuracy. In addition, UART servo can be connected in series with each other, and users can control them by an external MCU. It is suitable for application in remote control cars, remote control planes, remote control models, remote control robots, etc.
JUL. 2
Wireless charging technology has been widely used in a variety of products, such as mobile phones, furniture, automobiles, etc.
The CYD8012 is a 10W Qi wireless charging transmitter module which provides fast-charging and safety protections, such as FOD, OVP, OCP and OTP.
MAY. 19
series are infrared thermometer modules. They can measure the ambient temperature, object temperature, body temperature. All the products are factory-calibrated. Through the I2C interface, the module's built-in EEPROM and RAM can be read/written to set various parameters and read the temperatures. The module is highly flexible in use.
MAR. 24
The ESK32-30617 is a development board for Holtek Music Synthesizer MCU HT32F61357. It is convenient for users to develop MIDI / sound-related products with the Holtek music development platform Audio Workshop.
The Audio Workshop has internal integrated a wide variety of editing functions, such as MIDI, Sound, Effect, Sentence, etc., which can be quickly configured to generate target code. With the Audio Workshop, users do not need to write the program codes.
DEC. 31
Happy New Year
Many THANKS for your support in 2020.
We will do our best to provide you marvelous products and services in 2021 as well.
Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.
OCT. 28
What is special about the gas detection sensor BM22S3021-1?
We think it is practical. It is already calibrated when it leaves the factory. The calibration is based on a fixed gas concentration, using the sensor's AD reading as the alarm point. Each sensor has different characteristics, so the AD value is also different. After calibration, each sensor alarms at the same point of gas concentration, rather than the same AD reading. You only need to monitor the alarm pin output. It is easy to use and suitable for mass production.
OCT. 19
Fingerprint sensors have become popular in consumer products, and the technology has been evolving. The capacitive type is thinner than the optical type and has the advantage of smaller size. However, it used to be more expensive, but now it is becoming cheaper. As for the accuracy of identification, it is related to the algorithm and fingerprint sensing area, there is little difference between the two types. The BM92S2222-A capacitive fingerprint sensor supports 100 fingerprints. What we think the biggest difference with the optical type is that it does not light when capturing fingerprints.
AUG. 31
Proximity sensors can be used in many situations, what comes to your mind now? The BM32S2021-1 proximity sensing module is very easy to use. Fix it to the place you want to sense, pull out the output signal to another device, and then supply power, that’s all. And more amazing, the detection distance can be changed, no special tools are needed. It will learn by itself. You don't need to buy different proximity sensor modules to detect different distances.
JUL. 28
BM25S2021-1 is Holtek's latest temperature and humidity digital sensor, which has the characteristics of high precision, low power consumption and high consistency. The products are calibrated in factory to guarantee the measurement results are in high consistency. The product has 4 pins and supports both I2C interface and one-wire communication to read sensor data.
JUL. 15
BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Kit
The BLDC Motor Driver Evaluation Kit is useful tool for BLDC control board development. It supports Hall Sensors or Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC), suitable for electric scooters, kitchen ventilators, ceiling fans, dust-free room Fan Filter Units and various fans, etc. The kit consists of an evaluation board (FOC-EVB) and a power board. Depending on the input power voltage, three power boards are provided: high voltage board
(HVPB-A), medium voltage board (MVPB-A) and low voltage board (LVPB-A). Holtek provides a powerful software development platform (BLDC Workshop). It has many functions such as real-time parameters adjustment and output waveform monitor, generating a project and source codes to allow secondary development, etc.
MAY. 12
The 2.4G RF transceiver module, BM5602-60-1, is now available on our store. The module’s design is based on the Holtek BC5602, 2.4GHz GFSK transceiver IC. It also includes a matching circuit and a trace antenna. BM5602-60-1 features a 0.5μA deep sleep current consumption with data retention function. The interface is a 3-wire or 4-wire SPI. This module can be used to implement a stable 2.4GHz two-way transmission.
MAY. 4
In addition to the modules and development tools, we start selling Holtek ICs . Holtek innovates many MCUs and peripheral ICs, we start with 32-bit MCU and 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC, and will extend to most of Holtek IC products. The quantity in our stock is several hundred pieces each item, it is enough for prototyping but may not be enough for mass production, please contact us if you need more amount.
MAR. 13
433MHz Low-IF OOK Receiver Module
The Super-heterodyne receiver has better stability and anti-interference ability than the super-regeneration circuit. We have newly launched two 433 MHz low-IF OOK receiver modules, the BM2302-34-1 and BM2302-64-1. Both have the same functions and electrical characteristics. They are only different in the PCB dimensoins. The BM2302-34-1 is compatible with products on the market, convenient for direct replacement. The BM2302-64-1 is relatively small, suitable for products that require smaller size.
OCT. 7
New Shipping Method: Postal Service
Postal service is now added to our shipping method. Compared with express delivery, the postal service is less expensive but takes longer. The delivery quality of the two is the same stable and reliable (both methods are trackable). We now provide three shipping methods: express delivery, postal service, and use your own courier account to pay the shipping fee. Please note that postal service is limited to packages less than 2kg in weight.
AUG. 16
The water atomization module BMZ00040 features high power and water shortage protection functions. The maximum atomization power is up to 10W (adjustable), enough for use as a humidifier in the room. It detects the inductive capacitance (same principle with capacitive touch button) to decide the water level to prevent the piezoelectric transducer being damaged due to water shortage. The module uses Holtek BS45F3833 Ultrasonic Atomizer Flash MCU to ensure product performance and reliability.
JUL. 1
The super-heterodyne receiver module has better performance in anti-interference, temperature drift, stability and sensitivity than the super-regeneration receiver module, but the price is slightly higher. Both technologies are mature and have their own application fields, depending on the needs. We started to sell the 433MHz OOK modulated super-heterodyne receiver module BCM-2302-X01 and its development board BCE-GENTrx8-A01. At the same time, we still sale the 433MHz OOK modulated super-regenerative receiver module BCM-68F2420-C01.
May. 27
We started selling 7 models of MCU development boards which will get you prototyping faster than ever. The HT8 Easy DEV board has 0.1” spaced pins to be easily put on a breadboard or perfboard. The power supply can be set to 5V, 3.3V or external, and it can be powered from the USB interface on the board. It preloads a program so that you may see the LED "breathing" when the board is powered. With the e-Link connected, you are ready to develop projects with Holtek MCUs.
MAY. 9
This NFC module is a bit different. It is an NFC tag, but it needs to be powered. It has a communication interface. You can use the MCU to read and write its contents. Of course, you can also download the app you like from many NFC apps to operate it (search Google Play store). You can use this module to explore the internal behavior of an NFC card. You can also use an MCU to write the measured value of sensors for the smartphone to read. Please search for BMZ00050 for details.
MAR. 11
The application of wireless charging is more and more. The application to be introduced today is the wireless charging TWS earphone case. TWS is the abbreviation of True Wireless Stereo. It really makes the earphones wireless. Even in between the left ear and the right ear is wireless. The TWS earphones are usually charged in a dedicated earphone case, but how do you charge the earphone case? Charging with a USB cable is a traditional practice, however you can find more and more earphone case that support wireless charging. Want to know the product and technical details?
There are many introductions and videos on the Internet. Such as this video: How To Wireless Charge Your AirPods!!
We have the wireless charging transmitter module, click link for details.
JAN. 11
Want to make your product capable of wireless charging?
We are happy to introduce a Qi-compliant 5W wireless charging transmitter module CYD-T051. This module can wirelessly charge smartphones and receivers that meet Qi standard.
Qi is an open, universal charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and is the most popular wireless charging standard on the market. Compliance with the Qi standard makes wireless charging products safer and compatible with each other.
NOV. 27
The 13th Holtek MCU Innovation Competition was held at Changhua University of Education on November 25th. We are proud to be the sponsor of the competition, providing modules for the participating teams, and we also show a variety of modules on the same day. The photo is a team that uses the fingerprint sensor module for the smart deposit box. It is so talented!
The competition website:
Competition photo
NOV. 15
Update selection guide and change price
We have updated the selection guide so that its content is consistent with the products on the website. We also change the price of most products as a result of our regular price review. A total of 4 new products were added in this new selection guide. They are marked in red to help you check them out easily.
OCT. 11
Update Selection Guide
We have updated the selection guide so that its content is consistent with the products on the website. A total of 4 new products were added in this new selection guide. They are marked in red to help you check them out easily. The price of some products has also been adjusted, please pay attention.
OCT. 9
TWD and CNY Price Adjustment
We adjusted the exchange rate setting of the system. The new rate for TWD is 30 against the USD, and the CNY rate against the USD is 6.6. The TWD price and the CNY price of our products are subject to change. In addition, the TWD price also includes a 5% business tax.
This exchange rate adjustment is the second time in 2018 for us. We are committed to maintaining price stability and setting a lower exchange rate to provide TWD and CNY prices.
SEP. 21
Experience our modules at electronica India
Holtek will be participating in the 19th India Electronic Components and Manufacturing Exhibition at the BIEC Exhibition Hall in Bangalore from September 26th to 28th. This venue is India's largest electronics exhibition at which a number of products and technologies will be on display.
Some of our modules will be at the exhibition, please visit Holtek booth and experience the new products and technologies.
Event URL:
Holtek booth: Hall4 EK21
SEP. 18
Taiwan has very high convenience store density. We have started providing convenience store pickup service in Taiwan. But we’d like to ask you to place orders at PChome online rather than our website for convenience store pickup. The URL of our store at PChome online.
The prices of both stores are the same. At present, we have not yet put all the products on the PChome store, if you need to pick up at convenience store, please contact us to arrange the sale.
SEP. 3
Update Selection Guide
We have updated the selection guide so that its content is consistent with the products on the website. A total of 10 new products were added in this new selection guide. They are marked in red to help you check them out easily.
The selection guide includes the product names, product IDs, prices, product descriptions, product URLs, and photos of all the products on this website to help you quickly find and browse products.
AUG. 28
We are happy to introduce the 433MHz RF transceiver module, its breakout board and development board. They are based on the Holtek bidirectional FSK/GFSK high performance RF transceiver IC BC3601. These three products can help users quickly develop a low-power long-distance wireless network and go to mass production.
Sample codes are available and programmed into the products at the factory.
Please click the links below for details:
RF transceiver module BCM-3601-X02-S43: 12-pin stamp-hole, good for mass production.
Breakout board BCT-3601-X02: pin hole, spring antenna included, suit for development.
Development board BCE-GENTrx32-001: the host MCU board.
AUG. 17
Gang writer, also known as gang programmer, can program multiple devices at one time. It is generally used for high volume production programming.
The Gang-Writer32-8 supports all Holtek 32-bit MCUs and programs eight HT32 MCUs at one time, expandable to 16 devices. It performs In-Circuit-Programming with the SWD (Serial Wire Debug) interface.
The G-ICPM32040 is the programming module of Gang-Writer32-8, used to expand the programming channels, and also can work as a 4-channel programmer when used individually.
AUG. 10
We are excited to start selling LED-based development boards that simplify the development of LED projects and allow you to focus on designing LED display graphics and display animations.
This development platform is formed using Holtek's development platform software HT16D35x LED Workshop with MCU board, LED board and e-Link. Please visit the following webpage for details.
MCU board ESK-LED-100
RGB LED board (SPI interface) ESK-16D35A-C00
White LED board (SPI interface) ESK-16D35A-M00
RGB LED board (I2C interface) ESK-16D35B-C00
White LEDboard (I2C interface) ESK-16D35B-M00
JUL. 9
Update Selection Guide
We have updated the selection guide so that its content is consistent with the products on the website.
A total of 14 new products were added in this new selection guide. They are marked in red to help you check them out easily.
The selection guide includes the product names, product IDs, prices, product descriptions, product URLs, and photos of all the products on this website to help you quickly find and browse products.
JUL. 9
New Product Release
Two new wireless modules are released to our website: BLE Transparent Transmission Module BCM-32F7611-G01 and BLE Module Development Kit BCE-32F7611-G01. These modules are based around a 32-bit Arm® Cortex® M0+ processor core, users can develop their own applications with rich MCU resources.
Holtek website provides a development platform and demo code for users to get started quickly. We also have BCM-7602-G01 and BCE-7602-G01 which provide users with a variety of Bluetooth Low Energy modules.
Product webpage:
JUN. 20
Join us at booth 1518 and discover how we can help your innovation competitive. Sensors Expo website :
JUN. 15
Update Selection Guide
We have updated the Selection Guide so that its content is consistent with the products on the current website.
The Selection Guide includes the product names, product IDs, prices, product descriptions, product URLs, and photos (parts) of all the products on this website to help you quickly find and browse products.
We will continue to release new products and update the Selection Guide regularly.
JUN. 7
In response to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have updated our Privacy Policy so that you can understand how we collect, protect and use the information you share with us. We recommend that you read the new policy in its entirety.
Remember that you have ultimate control over how your personal data is used. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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